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Alexander, Holmes. The Hidden Years.  1981. West Virginia Press Club. 187 Pages. Hardback. A biography of General Stonewall Jackson. The author notes that he purposely avoided a womb to tomb life and military chronicle of familiar battles. His purpose was to research and write a human-interest biography of this great and puzzling man. Chapters present information on his family and early life in West Virginia as well as his military career.  Suggested Retail Price $15.00                                                                                                                                  


Hall, Granville Davisson. Daughter Of The Elm. 2004. This is a hardback reprint of the 1907 edition, which contained pictures of the historic places used as a setting for this historic novel which was based in Harrison County, WV. 335 pages. Suggested Retail Price $25.00


Johnston, David E.  A History of the Middle New River Settlements & Contiguous Territory. 2007. This is a hardback reprint with pictorial cover of the 1906 first edition with an added name index. 579 pages. Suggested Retail Price  $45.00



McEldowney, John C.  History Of Wetzel County. 2001. This is a reprint of the 1901     original edition. This is a hardback book containing 185 pages plus many pictures. In the 1901 book, the picture pages were not numbered and there was NO printing on the backs of picture pages. This new book was printed in the same style. Suggested Retail Price $25.00


Miller, Samson N.  Annals Of Webster County, West Virginia, Before And Since Organization, 1860. 2005. This is a hardback reprint of the 1968 original printing. 532 pages.  This book is an excellent history of Webster County, WV. This printing contains a name index not found in the 1968 edition. Suggested Retain Price $45.00



Swain, G.T. History of Logan County, West Virginia. 2006. Hardback. 432 pages. This a reprint of the 1927 edition. This book contains an early history of Logan County as well many biographies. It contains a name index not available with the 1927 edition. Suggested Retail Price $45.00


Wiley, Samuel T. History of Monongalia County, West Virginia. 2002. Hardback. 896 pages. A reprint of the 1883 first edition. This printing has an added name index not available with the first printing. This makes it an excellent genealogical resource for one of West Virginia’s early counties. Suggested Retail Price $50.00



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