Atkinson, Nora Wolfe The Wolfe Family History 1964. Lawhead Press. Hardback. 322 pages. Indexed. A detailed family history of the Wolfe family whose beginnings were in Pennsylvania. Spellings of the name include Woolf, Wolff, Wolf, and Wolfe. Signed by the author. Very Good Condition. $65.00
Anderson, Sarah Travers Lewis (Scott) Lewises, Meriwethers And Their Kin 1938. Dietz Press. Hardback. 652 pages. Indexed. FIRST EDITION. A very detailed family history of this old Virginia family. Very Good Condition. $125.00
Bacon, Barbara Sattes and Related Families 1987. McClain Printing. Hardback.291 pages. Indexed. West Virginia connections. Fine Condition. $55.00
Baer, Howard Baer-Loewenstein Family History 1971. Hardback. 66 pages. Genealogical charts in pocket. Two families were located in Charleston, WV area. Very Good Condition. $55.00
Baird, James T. Francis Baird's American Descendants from 1758 1990. Gateway Press. Hardback. 561 pages. Indexed. New York connections. Very Good Condition. $75.00
Ballard, Margaret B. William Ballard - A Genealogical Record of his Descendants in Monroe County 1957. Hardback. 410 pages. Indexed. Many related families to include: Allen, Baker, Broyles, Campbell, Chambers, Dillon, Ellison, Houchins, Kessinger, Mann, Miller, Porterfield, Smith, Spangler, and many others. Very Good Condition. Rare. $165.00
Rev. Barnes, I.A. The Barnes Family in West Virginia 1920. Mennonite Publishing House. Hardback. 126 pages. The book is complete but the spine is worn top and bottom. The pages are all there and intact. Rare family history. $85.00
Bentzel, Emma Spahr Decendants Of David & Catherine Zinn Spahr 1978. Gateway Press. Hardback. 115 pages. Fine Condition. $45.00
Bishop, Della S. Smith-Hooker Genealogy 1936. Ithaca Engraving. Hardback. 342 pages. Very History of these two families and many related families. Very Good Condition. $75.00 On Sale $60.00
Boltwood, Lucius M. Genealogies of Hadley Families 1979. GPC. Hardback. 205 pages. Indexed. Family history with several allied families. Very Good Condition. $20.00
Bradshaw, J. Douglass The Wigfield and Nelson Families of Fauquier Co. Virginia 1986. Dietz Press, Inc. Hardback. Dust Jacket. 351 pages. Indexed. Very Good Condition. $85.00
Bruce, John G. The Bruce Family- Descending From George Bruce (1650-1715) 1977. McClain Printing. Hardback. 195 pages. Indexed. First Edition. This family history seems to have eastern West Virginia and Virginia connections. Many related families also listed. Out of Print. Rare. Fine Condition. $75.00
Burgess, James A. Burgess, Mullins, Browning, Brown and Allied Families 1978. McClain Printing. Hardback. 262 pages. The families listed and more, many WV connections.  Very Good Condition. $35.00 On Sale $25.00
Cannady, Bruce B. Ancestral Families Of Alison Cannady 1990. Gateway Press. Hardback. 398 pages. Indexed. West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky connections. Very Good Condition. $65.00
Carte, Carrie C. 


The Forebearers and Descendants of William Taylor and Mahala Cromwell 1980. McClain Printing. Hardback. 502 Pages. Indexed. History of the Taylor family from Russell County Virginia and Roane County West Virginia. The Cromwell family from Russell County, Virginia and Kanawha County, West Virginia. Many other family connections listed. Fine Condition. $15.00
Coburn, Raymond H. Ancestors and Descendants of James William Coburn 1850-1929 1982. McClain Printing. Soft Cover. 89 pages + Index. Family connections in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. Very Good Condition. $15.00


Coffman & Stemple Footsteps Of Our Fathers Tacy, (Barbour County) W.Va. 1978. Gateway Press. Hardback. 489 pages. History and genealogy of this part of Barbour County. Very Rare. Very Good Condition. $175.00 On Sale $149.00


Currier, Harvey L. & John M. Currier Genealogy 1616-1910 1910. Orleans County Historical Society. Hardback. 271 pages. Rare Family history. Very Good Condition. $90.00
Davis, Lillian Virginia (Ludwig) Solomon Ludwig Family 1973. Commercial Press. Hardback. 199 pages. Virginia-West Virginia connections. Very Good Condition. $85.00
Deever, Gladys Nathaniel Butler Banks and Anna Barbara Artman - Ancestors and Descendants 1985. Gateway Press. Hardback. 332+ pages. Indexed. Including the following families, barber, Farrell, Johnson, Mercer, Spencer and others. Very Good Condition. $75.00
Early, Margaret Holt - Bennett Family History 1974. McClain Printing. Hardback. 192 Pages. Indexed. A very complete history of the Holt-Bennett and related families. Out Of Print. Rare. Fine Condition. $55.00 On Sale $49.00
Faucher, Helen Botsford Botsford Genealogy 1977. Gateway Press. Hardback. 1058 pages. Indexed. A very detailed family history. Very Good Condition. $65.00
Ferrell, Doctor Thomas, Sr. Genealogy Of The James W. Lewis - Susan Clemmer Family 1978. Gateway Press. Hardback. 237 pages. Indexed. Many related families. Fine Condition. $75.00
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Frazier, Margaret M. Mills Frazier And Allied Families 1979. McClain Printing. Hardback. 256 pages. Indexed. A genealogy of West Virginia families - Mills & Frazier with allied families including: Phillips, Teal, Williams, Stapleton, Patton, Wilburn, Ingram, Fraley, Thompson, Elswick, Stallard, Addington, Napier, Newberry, Hutchinson, Green, Powers, Duncan, Cromwell, Adams, Shepard, an Squire. Very Good Condition. $20.00
Gallaher, D.C. Genealogical Notes

(Families included are Miller, Quarrier, Shrewsbury, Dickinson, and Dickenson, Lewis, Ruffner)

1917. Tribune Printing. Hardback. 104 pages. This book is genealogical resource for some of the most influential families in Charleston, West Virginia, and the Kanawha Valley. This book contains the genealogical notes of the Miller, Quarrier, Shrewsbury, Dickinson, and Dickenson families. Also included are the Lewis, Ruffner and other kindred branches with historical incidents etc. Very Good Condition with a small stain to cover. Very Rare. $55.00
Gilmer, Ellen Conduff Conduff - Gilmer Lineage and Connections 1987. Gateway Press. Hardback. 143+ pages. Related families included are: Alexander, Anderson, Borden, Boyd, Buchanan, Charlton, Crockett, Currin, Garrett, Graham, Hance, Harman, Houston, Ingram, Menafee, Nye, Painter, Patton, Pratt, Preston, Sayers, Tate, Thompson, Tucker, Von Haller and Walker. Very Good Condition. $30.00
Graff & Wilcox A Freed Family History 1981. Gateway Press. Hardback. 231 pages. Indexed. Fine Condition. $65.00
Graves, Kenneth V. Robert Graves -Ancestors and Descendants 1980. Gateway Press. Hardback. 408 pages. Indexed. North & South Carolina. Other families include Austin, Bagley, Davis, Dunn, Guy, Pyle, Reeves, Sholars, Slater, Smith, Wallis, Ward, Weisinger and others. Very Good Condition. $85.00
Grubbs, Peggy A. The Carpers of Roane County (West Virginia). 1985. Gateway. Hardback. 322 pages. Indexed. Many related families included. Very Good Condition. $85.00 On Sale $50.00
Hagan, Erma Jeffers The Descendants of John H. Jeffers 1976. McClain Printing. Hardback. 262 pages. Indexed. Of Gallia County, Ohio, and related families. Limited printing of only 250 copies. Very Good Condition. $55.00 On Sale $45.00
Hanes, B.E. Doak Family - History and Genealogy Exponent Job Shop. Hardback. 100 pages. Family history of the Doak and several related families located in Doddridge, Ritchie, Calhoun, Wood, Tyler and surrounding counties. Very Good Condition with some text marks with light cover wear. Also the book has 5 old black and white pictures. Rare. $75.00
On Sale $55.00
Harman, John William Harman-Harmon Genealogy and Biography with Historical Notes 19B.C. to 1928 A.D. 1981. McClain Printing. Hardback. 465 pages + index. Mr. Harman was from Parsons, West Virginia. Very Good Condition. Rare. $100.00 On Sale $89.00
Hartzier, H. Harold King Family History 1984. Hardback. Two Volumes. Volume I has 722 pages and Volume II has about the same with Indexes. Both volumes is very good condition. A tremendous volume of family history. $75.00 for both volumes.
Hayslett, M.E. A Genealogical Record of William Brown and Descendents 1978. Gateway Press. Hardback. 180 Pages. Indexed. This book was first printed in 1905 and revised in 1978. Separate listing of Brown family soldiers. Mostly located in Pennsylvania with many other family connections. Other major family lines listed include, Acre, Anderson, Carran, Cochran, Douglass, Flick, Fulton, Harbison, Lodge, Maxwell, McCaslin, McClelland, Murray, Patton, Thompson, and many others. Very Good Condition. $20.00
Hiatt, Cora Chenoweth History of the Chenoweth Family 1994. Selby Publishing. Hardback. 238 pages. A reprint of the 1925 edition. Very Good Condition. $75.00
Johnson, J.W. Families Of Eliza Walters & Benjamin Franklin Johnson of Orange County, Indiana 1977. Gateway Press. Hardback. 300 pages. Indexed. Related families include: Roberts, Richford, Jones, Oldham, Lindsay, Stewart, Goodpaster, Johnson, Clements and Gaar. Fine Condition. $65.00
Keeney, Roscoe C. Jr. 6,474 Slack Relatives 1984. McClain Printing. Hardback. 238 pages. History of the Slack Families of the Kanawha and Elk Valleys of West Virginia. Very Good Condition. $85.00
Kimball, Burdick & Burdick The Descendants of George Renbarger (1760-1852) of Grant County, Indiana 1993. Gateway Press. Hardback. 253 pages. Indexed. Very Good Condition. $35.00
Lightner, Mary Alice Murdock A History of the Murdough Family 1933. Soft cover. 50 pages. History of Murdough (Murdock) family in Ohio and West Virginia. Cover has wear but the text is good. $55.00
Lockhart, Roy L. The Goff Family 1974. Bound 8 1/2 by 11 format. 450 + pages. A lot of central West Virginia connections. Very Good Condition. Rare. $225.00 On Sale $199.00
Lorente, Arline Tatum Our Families and Kin, Now and Then, Blackburn, Franck,Leake, and Thornton 1985. William Byrd Press. Hardback. 181 pages. Indexed. Very Good Condition. $65.00
Machir, Violette Chapman-Jolly-Rayburn & Smith Families of West Virginia and Ohio and their allied families. 1965. Quality Print Shop. Soft cover. 152 pages. Very Good Condition. $55.00
Marvin, Francis M. Shafer-Huston Family History 1951. Edwards Brothers. Hardback. 471 pages. Issue Limited. Very Good Condition. $85.00
Metzger, Donna H. That Humphrey Family and others 1991. Calna Bindery. Hardback. 224 pages + index. Only 100 books printed. Several Pennsylvania and Virginia connections. Very Good Condition. $85.00
Morrison, Granville P. Morrison Genealogy 1928. Jarrett Printing. Hardback. 103 pages.  Author from Huntington, WV. Very Rare. Very Good Condition.  $125.00
Morrison, Granville P. Morrison Genealogy 1928. Jarrett Printing. Hardback. 103 pages. This book has been professionally rebound. Author from Huntington, WV. Very Rare. Very Good Condition.  $90.00
Neel, Gregg L. The Ancestors of Gregg Livingstone Neel 1973. Hardback. 148 pages. Indexed. Family history with West Virginia Connections. Also related are Thomas and Barns families. Very Good Condition. $12.00
Pankey, William R. Edge Of Paradise (History of the Pankey Family) 1972. McClain Printing. Hardback. 245 pages. Very Good Condition. $35.00
On Sale $29.00
Pascoe, Patty Dahm Genealogies of Pascoe, Scheid, Maunus of Welch, German,Finnish Descent 2000. Gateway Press. Hardback. 819 pages. Indexed. Bumped corners. Very Good Condition. $35.00
Perkins, Charles Brush Ancestors of Charles Brush Perkins and Maurice Perkins 1976. Gateway Press. Hardback. 357 pages + Index. Very Good Condition. $35.00
Phelps, Geneva An Annal Begins-Phelps Family 1989. Superior Printing. 179 Pages. Hardback. Dustjacket. This book is an account of the Phelps family of Anne Arundel, Maryland and the Flemington area of West Virginia. Very Good Condition. $ 55.00
Pointer, Zola Descendants Of Robert Peek 1802-1974 1975. Gateway Press. Hardback. 555 pages. Indexed. Very Good Condition. $40.00
Powell, Helen Matau Matau Family & Related Lineages 2002. Gateway Press. Hardback. 291 pages. Indexed. Powell family in Indiana Massachusetts, Missouri, and Virginia. Trest and Ulmer families included. Very Good Condition. $35.00
Pyne, Frederick Wallace The John Pyne Family in America 1992. Gateway Press. Hardback. 204 pages. Indexed. Family and descendants of John Pyne of Charleston, S.C. Very Good Condition.   $10.00
Raymond, Samuel E. Raymond Family Genealogy 1969. Bayless Bindery. Hardback. 2 Volumes- Volume I has 225 pages. Volume II has 897 pages. Very good history of the Raymond family. Rare . Very Good Condition. $120.00
Scott & Montgomery Family History Of John Bishop of Scotland and John Scott of Ireland 1951. Rapid Service Press. Hardback. 148 pages. Bishop and Scott family history. Very Good Condition. $45.00
Sedosky, Dorothy Dakan Descendants of Simon and Elizabeth Martin Dakan 2003. Closson Press. Hardback. Large Size. 472 pages + 83 pages. Very Good Condition. $65.00
Shaw, S.C. Historic Sketches of the Life and Character of the Hon.  Jacob Beeson -An Early Pioneer of Wood County, Virginia, now West Virginia. 1881. Geo. Elletson-Printer. First Edition. Paperback. 30 pages. A family history with a connection to Stonewall Jackson. The book has been folded in half. It is all there and bound. Very Good Condition. Very Rare. $125.00 On Sale $85.00
Sims, Elsie Emerick My Emrick or Emerick Kin Emrick/Emerick family history, paperback with comb binding. 96 pages. Begins with Konrad Nickles Emmerich, born in 1728. Information through five generations. $35.00
Sommerville & Mills David Rawson -Ancestors and Descendants 1636-1974 1974. McClain Printing. Hardback. 447 pages. Indexed. Many family connections to West Virginia. Rare. Very Good Condition. $145.00
Stauffer, Ezra N. Stauffer Family History 1765-1982 1982. Hardback. 901 pages. Early Pennsylvania connections. Very Good Condition. $90.00
Stewart, Robert Colonel George Steuart and his wife Margaret Harris; theirAncestors and Descendants 1907. Civil & Military Gazette Press. Hardback. 522 pages. Indexed. An excellent history on this family. This book has been professionally rebound using the original covers. Rare. $150.00
Strahin, Richard The Family Strahin 1982. McClain Printing. Hardback. 235 Pages. Indexed. A family history with connections in Monongalia and Preston Counties. Fine Condition. $45.00
On Sale $25.00
Strassburger, Ralph B. The Strassburger Family and Allied Families of Pennsylvania 1922. Private Printing. Hardback. 520 pages. A massive family history. The book is in good condition with a loose page in the front but present.  $50.00
Swanson, Ernest C. Descendants of Isaac Patten, Sr. and his wife Jane Norris 1985. Gateway Press. Hardback. 168 pages. Indexed. An Early Pioneer Family in Sullivan County, Indiana. Very Good Condition. $55.00
Thacher, Elwood J. Thacher Family History 1986. Comb Bindings. Four Volumes. 861 pages. A detailed history of this family. Very Good Condition, however the covers show some wear. All four volumes: 75.00
Trigg, James K. Trigg History 1994. Tennessee Valley Publishing. Hardback. 1,005 pages + 109 page Index. Massive family history. Very Good Condition. $90.00
Underwood, L.M. The Underwood Families Of America 1976. Gateway Press. Hardback. 809 pages. Dust Jacket. Two Volumes in One. Indexed. Massive family history. Very Good Condition. There are just a few hi-lights. Rare. $125.00
Walker, John W. Walker Family Record 1812-1932 1932. Soft cover. 60 pages.  A interesting book for anyone researching the Walker Family. Very Good Condition. $45.00
Woofter, Dr. James The Chronology Of The Descendants of John and Elizabeth Richards Beall 2000. Carlisle Printing. Hardback. 665 pages. Indexed.  Very Good Condition. $125.00

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